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Coming up soon! My new Sheed cards…

Posted by gotsheed on 2013/07/27

Watch out for some nice new Cards for my Sheed PC.I could finally cut some Cards from my Wantlist! Iam down to 48 Cards out of close to 2000! Will i ever reach the last 10 wanted Cards? i really hope so!

Showing off just one Card for now,but there will be much more new Cards soon! So check back!

This Card is really special to me.I was working on a Deal for it once in Japan which i would have gotten for a very nice Price.But before agreeing on a deal the Seller said he sold it to someone else (i think he paid more,which i would have done too) so i was really frustrated that i didn’t get it.

A few weeks later it popped up on ebay for 700$ and i was like Damn,that much? Of course it was the same Card i would have gotten in the Deal before.So i made an offer on it with a very good Price IMO.One Hour later the Card was sold,not to me of course.It sold for 490$! i was really shocked.

Now about a month ago another copy came up and i knew i had to get it this time.I made an offer to the owner and he gladly accepted it.For the price i would have gotten the Card for the first time.Iam happy that it finally arrived.

1997-98 SPX Grand Finale /50!

Grand Finale Scannen0022


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Coach Sheed! Pistons get Sheed as an Assistent Coach!

Posted by gotsheed on 2013/07/27

After annoucing his real Retirement last year with the Knicks,Sheed comes back as a Assistent Coach in Detroit!

Will he have more Techs than a Player in the League?

Ball don’t lie!


ORLANDO, Fla. — Former NBA player Rasheed Wallace has agreed to a two-year deal to join the Detroit Pistons‘ coaching staff and was on the bench Monday during the team’s summer league game against the Boston Celtics.

Wallace retired at the end of last season with the New York Knicks after a 17-year playing career that also included stints with Washington, Portland, Atlanta, Detroit and Boston.

The Pistons and Wallace, 38, had been in discussions the past month about a player development role with the franchise he helped lead to an NBA championship in 2004.

A staff position materialized after Detroit hired Maurice Cheeks last month to replace Lawrence Frank as head coach. Cheeks confirmed to on Monday that the Pistons are working out the final details with Wallace on a role that will allow him to help develop Detroit’s talented young post players in Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe.

“He’s going to bring a lot of knowledge of how to help our young guys play on the block, because he’s been around the league for, like, forever,” Cheeks said Monday as he watched his team’s summer league game. “With him having played that position for such a long time, I know he’s going to be a great asset to what we’re building.”

“Obviously, he’s had a lot of success in this league and he can teach you a lot about the game,” Monroe said. “He’s one of those guys who talks. He knows how to use his voice. I watched him when I was growing up, when he was in his prime. His experience and his knowledge is definitely going to help us out.”

Wallace averaged 14.4 points and 6.7 rebounds during his career and was regarded as one of the best-shooting post players of his era. He scored 16,006 points, made 1,086 3-pointers and twice reached the NBA Finals with the Pistons.

Wallace also had a notorious reputation for being one of the most volatile and temperamental players in the league. He routinely led the league in technical fouls and finished with 317 for his career. Moments before his coaching debut Monday, Wallace said he was ready for a change of pace and joked he would remain calm in his new job.

“I’m not expending the energy out there, running back and forth, [telling referees], ‘I’m out here busting my [tail] and you’re not giving me a call,'” Wallace said about keeping his emotions in check as an assistant coach. “Being over there on the sideline, you try to be more of a motivational inspiration for the kids.”

Wallace said he also had an offer to join the Knicks staff after the season, but chose the Pistons because the job also gave him more time to spend time with his children who live near Detroit. He also said it was beneficial to enter coaching right away because the players he’ll be working with watched him in action as they were growing up.

“That’s why Mo brought me on board,” Wallace said. “I think it helps with me being a part of their generation, with them watching me as they were coming up as young ball players. That generation gap isn’t as large as it would be if I retired in the early 1990s and tried to come back into coaching now. So it’s not like, ‘Well, you didn’t do nothing. Who are you?’ I’ve seen a lot of older coaches get disrespected like that, and you’ve had guys who won championships.”

Wallace is the second player from the Knicks’ roster last season to retire to enter the coaching ranks. Jason Kidd took over as Brooklyn’s head coach last month and made his debut Sunday in the Orlando Pro Summer League.

Cheeks is confident Wallace can handle the assignment.

“He can make that transition,” Cheeks said. “A lot of us, we didn’t start out being a certain way we are right now. But change evolves you, and he’s evolved. He realizes he’s in the second phase of his life now. And now he’s a coach. He has to make that transition, and I think he’ll be fine.”




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Sheed Returning?

Posted by gotsheed on 2012/10/03

I really hope this is going to happen!

Sheed could be back in the NBA soon.


If Rasheed Wallace comes out of retirement to join the Knicks, it will be because he feels the team is the perfect match for his veteran leadership and talent. That is what his agent, Bill Strickland, said Monday.

Wallace, 38, worked out with the Knicks on Saturday at their practice gym in Greenburgh. Strickland would not say how serious Wallace was about signing with the Knicks, but he said Wallace had set up the workout and had been the one discussing a possible deal with the team.

“I have not had any official conversation with the Knicks organization,” Strickland said. “If something happens, I will be more of a facilitator rather than an adviser. This decision is totally up to him as to what he will or will not do.”

Wallace last played in the N.B.A. in 2010 with the Boston Celtics, which reached the finals. In that season, he averaged 9 points and 4.5 rebounds a game coming off the bench. When he retired, Celtics Coach Doc Rivers was surprised to see him walk away from guaranteed money after signing a three-year mid-level exception deal in 2009.

Wallace, who is 6-foot-11, has since attracted the attention of a number of teams looking to find a player who could be a strong backup at the strong forward or center position. Each time, Wallace has declined the pursuing team’s offer.

Strickland said Wallace will not sign with just any team this season. He said Wallace – who the Knicks can give only the league minimum – will evaluate a team’s talent, its coaching style, its chemistry and what his role will be.

“He says all the time that he can make his own decisions,” said Strickland, who has represented Wallace since he was drafted in 1995. “I know he’s more than capable of evaluating what his situation is. He may bounce some things off of me and he may not.”

Wallace has worked with Coach Mike Woodson before. Woodson was an assistant coach when Wallace helped the Detroit Pistons win the 2004 N.B.A. championship.

“I would like to think that it’s a positive one,” Strickland said of Wallace’s relationship with Woodson. He added, “I have no reason to think otherwise.”

If Wallace signs with the Knicks, he will be the latest of many veteran players to be added to the roster. He would be only the fourth oldest player, behind Jason Kidd (39), Kurt Thomas (39), and Marcus Camby (38).

The New York Post reported that the 33-year-old free agent Tracy McGrady, who worked out for the Knicks two weeks ago, is no longer being considered by the team. That might leave room for Wallace to sign a partial-guaranteed deal with the Knicks before or during training camp.

“The one thing his teammates from the past say is that he is a great teammate,” Strickland said of Wallace. “Players respect him.”

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Do you like Group Breaks?

Posted by gotsheed on 2012/09/24

And you live in Europe and not many Group Breaks are available? Then check out the German Cardboard Forum for Group Breaks!

We break Cases and Boxes which will be live on Google+ Hangouts! Join now until all Spots are sold!


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its been a while…

Posted by gotsheed on 2012/09/24

but iam back with some nice Sheed Cards for my Collection

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Finally another Mailday

Posted by gotsheed on 2012/08/04

I finally received some new Sheeds for the Collection.
1 for the Prime Masterset and one i mentioned a few months ago,the Sportskings Series E Spectacular Patch 1/1! Love that Card!

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Today in the Mail…

Posted by gotsheed on 2012/07/04

4 new Cards for the Collection.

a jersey numbered,2 Certified Patches and a nice 1/1 Printing Plate 🙂

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1 Patch in the Mail today…

Posted by gotsheed on 2012/07/03

08/09 Exqusite Prime Patch 20/50

2008-09 Exquisite Prime Patches 20/50

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3 new Cards in this week…

Posted by gotsheed on 2012/06/24

got 2 nice Patches in this week and one Sheed Auto which is Jersey Numbered 30/300! (not many Sheed Autos are out there! )


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Posted by gotsheed on 2012/06/09

Finally a new card for the Collection!

I love this Card!

00-01 UD Slam Extra Strengh Gold /25

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